Supermoms to the Rescue

Many of you may remember that a few years ago we helped a young mom named Nidian who had a baby with complications at birth.  The baby’s name was Kailani.  Kailani had a heart condition and had to have surgery on her septum.  There were many trips back and forth to Children’s Hospital to keep her alive and correct certain ailments.  You all helped out with baby supplies, gift cards, a meal train, etc.   Some of you met Kailani and her two older siblings at one or more of our gatherings.

Kailani is four years old now.  She is walking and talking.  She has some learning challenges but is a confident and precocious youngster very engaged with her peers and with a zest for life.

Well, Nidian (pictured on left) never forgot what you all did.  And now she regularly encounters young moms who have just arrived in the country and have no idea how to find resources.  She especially has a heart for those with young children.

A few weeks ago, Nidian pulled together a group of moms who pooled their resources and put together a stash of supplies for a neighbor who had just arrived.  You can see all they collected.

Supermoms Collection

Nidian and her friend, Erica, decided to start a ministry to new moms.  They call it “Supermoms to the Rescue.”  Whenever there is a new mom in the area who is in need, these moms have committed themselves to come to her aid.

Last week I had the privilege of introducing Nidian and Erica to the Sheppard Pratt Community Wellness Hub (my office) where many services and resources are housed.  They received a lot of information about how to help these moms.

Thanks to you, Nidian received lots of help in her time of need.  And now, she is able to give it back!

Nidian is currently collecting #5 diapers for a young mom in need.  If you are able to donate, let me know (240-750-8848) and I can tell you where to take them.

Please pray for Nidian and her supermoms.  Pray that they can provide many moms – new to the country and new to motherhood – with the supplies they need for a proper start!

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