Star Words

There is a growing practice in my faith tradition that occurs on the Sunday of Epiphany. This is the Sunday in the church calendar when we remember the Wise Men, or Magi, that came to the birth of Jesus bearing gifts. The practice is to receive a Star Word. The Star Word is simply a word that is given to you that you keep for the year as a sort of guiding concept much as the Wise Men followed the star to find Jesus. The important thing is that you don’t choose the Star Word; it chooses you. In practical terms, it means you draw it randomly rather than choosing it yourself.

Coincidentally (or maybe not so much) I received the same word two years in a row. The word is: “grace.” I believe in 2020 it meant that I needed to be more gracious rather than hard on myself. It was a reminder that God has the world in God’s hands and I just need to do my part.

But I got the word again for 2021. While it’s the same word, it’s taking on a different connotation for this year. I believe that this year I need to be more conscious about extending grace to others. The first half of this year at the very least will continue to challenge our health, patience, and perseverance as we battle this pandemic. I need to encourage those around me to press on even while taking into account the difficulty of doing so. I need to contribute to the recovery of my community even while recognizing that it will not be performing at its best through this. I need to respect the high calling of the elected official even while spurring them on toward greater good.

I hope to be more gracious this year.

Would you like a Star Word? I have a list of them. They are all encouraging and uplifting. If you would like one, reply and I will send you the word at the top of the list (that way you will know it’s not hand-picked but random). It’s inspired by the Magi, but it’s not magic! We just trust that God will use these words to build you up. God knows we need it this year!

Let me know if you would like a Star Word.

Happy New Year!

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