• Finish the Job!

    By now, many of you have heard the sad statistics comparing pre-pandemic and post-pandemic literacy rates at the 2nd grade level in our community.  If not, I’ll review: in 2019,

  • The Big Fix

    In 2020, when disgruntled parties like me were reconciling ourselves with the reality of the Black Lives Matter movement, I decided to go back to a trusted source and picked

  • Method Matters

    The Keurig/K-pod was a brilliant invention.  Individualized portions.  Ostensibly fresh packets.  Brewed for just one cup in literally seconds.  No mess.  No leftovers.  What more could you want?  It was

  • Advice for 2023

    You may or may not be into New Year’s Resolutions.  But regardless, folks who are serious about living life well will invariably take a few minutes at the top of

  • Christmas and Politics

    It should be alarming how much we have personalized the Christmas story.  The story of a child born ‘for us’ and the love God shows to humanity through this birth

  • Act As If

    The principle of “acting as if” is an old concept that was first written about a century ago by William James who was a philosopher and also a trained physician.

  • If I care about something, how can I help not worrying about it?

    Few are those who would consider worry beneficial to one’s emotional health.  Studies repeatedly link long-term anxiety to high blood pressure, depression, and a host of other physical and psychological

  • GGC’s new office opens this week in downtown Germantown!

    A few years ago, Sheppard-Pratt, the largest private nonprofit provider of mental health and social services in the region, acquired some funds from the State of Maryland to create a

  • The Draw of Fall

    Every year I want to do something seasonal that has to do with Autumn.  Not sure why. The colors are breathtaking but it’s not enough to just gaze upon the

  • “Thank you”

    Last Monday, the long-awaited, much-anticipated literacy tutoring program – Let’s Read! – began.  What six months ago was merely a dream finally took place at the Stedwick Community Center: thirteen