of rising 3rd graders in Montgomery County knew how to read before the pandemic

Only 46%

could in Fall 2021


of Latinx students in Montgomery County knew how to read before the pandemic

Only 24%

could in Fall 2021

Yes, you read that correctly.

Less than one quarter (1/4) of Latino students entering 3rd grade this year could read!
. That’s what the pandemic did to our brown students.

Consider: in Montgomery County Public Schools, 3rd grade curriculum assumes students know how to read.  Academic progress from that point on is dependent upon reading comprehension.  If they can’t read, they are behind.  

If they are behind, they are likely to stay behind throughout the rest of their school years.  Resources are NOT in place to help them catch up.

A child is four times more likely to drop out of high school if they cannot read.  Illiteracy is tied to truancy, joblessness, crime, etc. down the road.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS DOES NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES TO MAKE UP FOR THE PANDEMIC’S EFFECT ON ILLITERACY.  It will take help from the community to bring these scores back up to pre-pandemic levels.  

The Plan


The Germantown Global Connection has partnered with the Montgomery Village Foundation and Watkins Mill Elementary School to pilot an after-school tutoring program to help struggling 2nd graders in the West Montgomery Village area catch up and be ready to read by 3rd grade.  

We hold tutoring sessions for 2nd graders at the Stedwick Community Center from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m., Mondays and Tuesdays starting on Monday, October 3, 2022.  

Watkins Mill has one of the highest percentages of Latino students in any Upper Montgomery County elementary school.

Our program features an uplifting, inspiring reading environment with snacks, activities, and lots of loving teens and adults who can individually help with reading skills.

With Spanish-speakers in our ranks,  work together with students’ families to overcome barriers to attendance and provide activities for other family members that may need to come along with the students (childcare, ESL, etc.).

We are always looking for volunteers to tutor and to read to our children.  Adults 21 and over are needed to tutor.   Students 16 and older are needed to read to the children and can earn SSL hours up to 3 hours/week.  Volunteers need no prior experience or training.  They need to be fluent in English, literate, will need to complete a two-hour training, receive a background check, and commit to at least one hour/week from October to December on a Monday or Tuesday evening.


Our volunteer tutors will form the backbone of this program.  They will provide one-on-one or small group instruction to 2nd graders.  They will impart their love of reading.  They will help create a warm, loving environment that encourages reading. 

A part-time program administrator will be on-site at all times to match tutors with students, provide curriculum and training, and be available to assist the tutoring during the sessions.

Requirements for volunteering to tutor:

  1. 1) A love for and willingness to work one hour a week with kids on a Monday or Tuesday, 5:45 – 7:00.
  2. 2) A commitment to one/hour week from October to December.
  3. 3) A three-hour one-time training session in September.
  4. 4) A background check.


I Want To Help

If tutoring is not your thing, there are other ways to help.  

Provide Hospitality: Bringing or distributing snacks to kids on site on a Monday or Tuesday evening.

Prepare Our Space: Setup or takedown on a Monday or Tuesday night

Be a Liaison: If you speak Spanish and would like to help liaison with parents and families of the students.

I Want To Donate

Even though we are using volunteer tutors, there are many expenses attached to this program including rent, part-time staff, supplies, insurance, etc.  

If you cannot tutor or help out on a Monday or Tuesday night, please consider a financial donation to help keep this program going throughout the whole year.  We are helping kids read, a lifelong skill which correlates very directly with prospects for education, job, health, and many other indicators for future success.  You are not just helping a child; you’re helping a community!

It will take a whole community

to get the scores back to pre-pandemic level.

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