Introducing Our Summer Intern 2024

It is my privilege to introduce GGC’s very first summer intern, Atyantika “Mishti” Mookherjee.

Mishti is finishing her freshman year as a Belk Scholar at Davidson College, North Carolina and is a classmate of our own A.J.  She is enrolled in the Davidson in Washington D.C. program which offers classes for students in residence while they are interned in the area.

Mishti brings an impressive resume with her which includes being a 2022 recipient of the prestigious Diana Award for humanitarian work and publishing her own book entitled “My Islamabad Story” about her travels in Pakistan.

I asked Mishti to share a little about herself for this blog:

Where in India are you from?

My family is a bit of a mix – my mother is from the south of India while my father is from West Bengal. I’ve travelled all over the country as my father is an officer in the Indian Navy.

How did you decide to go to Davidson College?

I chose Davidson because I was looking for an education that was not only comprehensive but also personalized. I loved how its small class size enables increased dialogue with professors and other students, and its commitment to Humanist values resonated with me.

What interested you in this position?

I am from India and have some experience working with public policy organizations in the country. Now living in the US, I was interested in seeing how such groups function and reach out to communities here. GGC’s emphasis on community service and growth was also something I found compelling and its mission to equip families with the tools to become effective leaders is absolutely in line with my aspirations to bring about positive civic change.

What do you hope to get out of this summer?

This summer, I hope to be an operative part of the GGC’s endeavours and be able to reach out to communities to bring about tangible change. I look forward to meeting new people from different walks of life, and learning from and appreciating their differing perspectives. I am also taking a class on polarization in America which will be exciting considering the upcoming elections and I hope to walk away more informed about the political and social dynamics in the country. Besides, I am also looking forward to my very first 4th of July!

What is your favorite kind of food?

I’m a big fan of Japanese and Malay food and I love Laksa soup. I lived in Singapore when I went to high school so finding good Asian food at hawker centers was not difficult. But it is also hard to beat my mom’s homemade Indian comfort foods.

What three things  most distinguish American culture from your own?

In India, public transport is a lot more widespread than it is in the US and few college students drive anywhere at all. Buses, autorickshaws and trains are ubiquitous and cheap to use. Indians also place a lot of emphasis on family and community cohesion, making society more collectivist in contrast to how most individuals in America value their independence and individualism. Lastly, while the US is known to be an international melting pot, each state in India has its distinct language, culture, and festivals. I think people tend to miss how diverse communities within India are and how unique their interactions with each other come to be.

What is your favorite expression in Hindi and how does it translate into English?

While this is a Sanskrit expression, my favorite phrase is “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्).” It means “the world is one family” and symbolizes the value of globalization, collaboration, and collective solidarity. I think it comes to be especially relevant in a world like ours as we consider issues such as climate change and increasing polarization and reminds us to consider more sustainble, tolerant answers to such questions.


Mishti begins her internship tomorrow, June 4.  She will be researching the literacy crisis in Montgomery County, developing a robust list of volunteer opportunities suited for families in our area, and helping me with programming for our gatherings.

Please ‘reply’ and give a warm welcome to Mishti!


  1. Tim says

    Welcome Mishti!

  2. Avtar Singh says

    Hi Mishti,
    Best wishes to you on starting your internship, even though I’m not local to the community but somehow landed on the page. You seem to be on the right path and following your dream.

    Being and Indian and from Kolkata, I’m sure you are going to contribute lots of positivity to the local community with your Indian cultural roots.

    Best of luck.

  3. Mahi Ganatra says

    Welcome Mishti!

  4. Ketan Ganatra says

    So gracious of you to commit some of your time in alleviating societal issues in MoCo. We are sure you’ll find it truly rewarding!

  5. Samatha Mookherjee says

    All the best Mishti …. Proud of you

  6. Kshema Chakrapani says

    Best of luck mishti..we are proud of you!

  7. Durga Prasad Kothuri says

    It is a great opportunity for you to meet people.You learn a lot while you serve people.Wish you a bright future.

  8. Maya says

    All the very best mishti..
    U always make me feel proud..God bless u

  9. Sheela Das I says

    Congratulations to you
    You can mentor some children who also have similar interests

  10. Pavani says

    All the best Mishti , God bless you 💐

  11. Arpita Banerjee says

    All the best mishti…god bless 😊

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