Grow Your Faith

At our training event on Saturday, in which we had 17 attendees (wohoo!), we reviewed the three foci of the Germantown Global Connection: Gather, Serve, and Grow.

Needless to say, it’s been difficult to Gather in person in the COVID era although we’ve crafted some creative alternative options over the past year (Harvest Festival, Winter Lights, virtual Game Nights). In the end, Serving has supplanted Gathering as the ‘hub’ around which our ministry has evolved, what with weekly food drives, occasional gift card drives, food pickups, and wrap-around efforts for specific families of Fox Chapel.

But the focus that is least ‘developed’ in our ministry is Growing. Last Saturday, we took a look at the importance of growing. After a week or two or three, Serving can get tedious. And one can easily lose track of why one is serving. Moreover, personalities can clash, competing goals can get in the way, and misunderstandings ensue. A common mission can be one of the most unifying forces in the universe but if two participants are at odds, it can alienate a group faster than the speed of light.

All this to say that Serving succeeds on the backs of those who have the maturity, resilience, and grace to persevere despite setbacks. These are attributes of character, and character doesn’t happen overnight. It is cultivated and nurtured through discipline, spiritual practice, and the mentoring of others. Hence, Growing in one’s faith.

As we discussed at the training, when it comes to Growing, we are less interested in what faith tradition you come from and more interested in whether you are growing in that faith tradition or not. Deciding which faith tradition is the best doesn’t foster much growth; actually engaging in the practices of whatever faith tradition you espouse does!

So, grow! If perchance you don’t have a faith tradition, or you don’t know where to start, email me and I would be happy to help you choose a path forward.

Let’s be better people.

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