GGC to Launch 2nd Tutoring Site in West Germantown!

First a review: we just finished our 2nd year of Literacy Tutoring at the Stedwick Community Center in Montgomery Village.

20 students just graduated last week.  Most made enormous strides in their reading.  The comments from parents that came back from our evaluation last week are glowing:

“My son has improved a whole lot.”

 “My daughter was initially below reading level.  She was also not confident in reading.  She is now on level and is excited to read before bed every night.”

 “There was a huge difference in her grade in reading at school.”

Even more impressive are the comments about non-academic developments:

 “The program increased her sociability.”

               “It helped my daughter feel more confident to read.”

                “It has given him the confidence and security to make friends at school as well as improve his reading skills.”

This program has changed the trajectory of the lowest performing 2nd grade readers in the West Montgomery Village area, turning timid, embarrassed and woefully under-performing 8-year-olds into on-grade students ready to shine in 3rd grade and beyond!
We are looking forward to meeting our next crop of rising 2nd graders this Fall at Stedwick!

But there are so many more kids who need help.  Currently, only about ½ of children entering the third grade in Montgomery County Public Schools are considered literate.  And that’s overall!  The percentage for lower-income families is much lower – deplorable!

Last fall, a colleague at Thriving Germantown asked if we could start such a program on the other side of Germantown.  At the time, we thought it was a stretch.  But worth investigating.

We contacted the house of worship that was best located between three of the struggling schools in that area: Germantown, Clopper Mill, and Great Seneca Creek Elementary Schools.  It was Seneca Valley United Church of Christ (corner of Clopper & Great Seneca Hwy).  Lo and behold, they were interested in helping us with this project!  Fast forward to this Spring: we now have not one but two houses of worship (Latter-Day Saints got on board) who not only have a space for us to run the program but are eager to help with volunteers and funds – what an affirmation!

The SV United Church of Christ is giving us their fellowship hall free of rent!  We are now raising funds and working on job descriptions for staff to run this new site.

Stay tuned: there will be many opportunities to contribute to both of these sites.  Yes, we can use your help.  Details to follow.

Please pray for us as we try to be good stewards of the model God has given us to share so that other students are given the gift of literacy!

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