Grace Rivera-Oven
Best interest of the community!

GGC is a group of individuals who look out for the best interest of the community.  They have been a partner since the early days of the establishment of the Upcounty Hub.  We are grateful for the unconditional support that GGC provides every week to ensure our most vulnerable neighbors have food delivered to them.  We look forward to being partners for a very long time.

Kerine Simms
GGC is the best!

There’s nothing like Germantown Global Connections!

I was introduced to this group about 3 1/2 years ago. And it has been a tremendous inspiration to me and my family. I love the camaraderie, the activities, the love and the connection I receive from this gathering. It has really inspired me, to be more appreciative of other cultures, to learn more about people from other countries, and to look for opportunities to serve in my community.

Germantown Global Connections is the best!

Joy Lee
Parent Community Coordinator, Fox Chapel Elementary School
GGC, are very affectionate, loving and devoted

It is unequivocally crucial to have a strong community partnership with a group like GGC, who are very affectionate, loving and devoted. It is more than having an additional access to the resources for the families, but is also about working together for the shared goals and strong commitments we have for the in the community, especially for the families of vulnerable students at risks. We take solace in the partnership we have with GGC as we continuously collaborate to serve together.

Marshall B.
GGC brings people closer together

When I am at your house and with your family, I feel more happy and sense a presence of light that dwells in your home. It brings people closer together, allows people to talk to one another, and brings peace

Cindy Majane
GGC is a great resource

Germantown HELP loves working with the GGC. Their volunteers run deliveries for our food pantry and the Latino Health Initiative's effort out of the Germantown Hub. They consistently collect items needed in the pantry, pick up donations, and shelve food. However, they can help, they readily do. The GGC has been a great resource to Germantown HELP, especially during the pandemic, and we are most appreciative.

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