Celebration As Survival

It’s a cup-half-empty world out there in 2021.  After getting hit with a pandemic in 2020 that we still haven’t recovered from, it appears that bad news, already better for business in the news world to start with, is getting the upper hand.  Every day it gets more challenging to convince people that good things are still happening out there.

So upon those who believe in a good God and trust that that God is, in fact, doing good in the world, falls the responsibility to lift up and celebrate it.  If we don’t, our world may forget that it’s possible!

The # of new COVID cases in Montgomery County has been relatively flat since August.  Deaths?  No more than one a day in a county of a million people.

The Upcounty Hub in Germantown has become the inspiration for eight new such facilities around the county which since COVID have started feeding tens of thousands of families suffering from food insecurity.

So many pets have been adopted during the pandemic that animal rescue shelters are running out!

County schools opened their doors this Fall . . . and they haven’t closed down yet!  Lo and behold, students are thriving.

And that’s just in this county.  For more good news around the world, check out this handy website:


Closer to home, ten families gathered in ours last Saturday night to enjoy a hot meal, warm friendship, and cool games.  We spent the evening together – kids, parents, and seniors of all ages and sizes – eating, laughing, playing, being community.  Yes, as a collective, we had lost loved ones, taken care of seriously ill, helped feed families, helped students get through a virtual year.  We had seen it all.  But there we were.  Celebrating.

Are we in denial?  No, we are simply recognizing that with all the problems in our world, there is still reason to smile.  Especially when you can do so with samosas, tostadas, and tres leches cake!

Take time to celebrate.  It’s a step of faith.  And so needed.

How can you demonstrate to your community that there is still plenty to be grateful for?

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