April 2021

Going to a friend’s house for dinner and taking our masks off when we go through the door.
Staring into an eye-full of color in the in-bloom branches of an American Redbud tree.
Kids returning to school buildings.
Switching to short-sleeve shirts.
Sunlight hanging around well into the evening.
Restaurant tables & chairs getting moved back onto dining room floors.
In-person graduations being planned.
The Home Depot parking lot looking like a beehive of locals preparing to mulch, plant, spray, pot, water, or landscape.
Traffic snarls and rush hour back-ups – just like in pre-COVID times!
That sweet smell of dinner on the grill wafting across the neighbor’s lawn.
Coffee with a friend – in person.
Vacations being planned.
Hiring again.

Portraits of Spring.
Baby steps toward recovery.
Signs of hope.

Thank God for better days to come.

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